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Louisiana Pet Overpopulation Advisory Council

Members of the Louisiana Pet Overpopulation Council:

  • Dr. Gary Balsamo, representing Louisiana Dept of Health and Hospitals

  • Dr. Diane Stacy, representing Louisiana Dept of Forestry and Agriculture

  • Jeff Dorson, Humane Society of Louisiana, Chair

  • Julia Breaux on behalf of Senator J.P. Morrell, State Senator, representing Louisiana Senate

  • Maurice Durbin, representing City of Denham Springs Animal Shelter (public shelter entity)

  • Deanna Theis, Southern Animal Foundation

  • Scott Bierner, CEO, St. Tammany Humane Society (private shelter entity)

  • State representative to be named

  • Tirazah London, Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections representative to be named

  • Donna Bishop, DVM, representing the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine
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